We had an Eddie Bauer edition Bronco with a salvage title for years. Carried full coverage on it and the insurance company never batted an eye. We even had a claim for when my sister's dumbass boyfriend ripped the front bumper off when they tried to tow by wrapping a strap around the bumper instead of using the… » 4/08/15 5:20pm 4/08/15 5:20pm

You know... casual glance without the badge there I’d have said “Chrysler.” I think it’s the middle horizontal bar in the grille... looks like the Chrysler wings. The car isn’t square enough to be from the Dodge bros. though. So I look closer and I see the Cadillac “beak.” and then I’d know it for what it is— a big… » 4/01/15 7:35pm 4/01/15 7:35pm